Selling your home is a complicated and detailed process, which holds true no matter what kind of market you are in. This could be your first home sale or maybe you have done this before, but either way you are sure to have a lot of questions. How can a real estate agent help me? What is the closing process like? How can I get the best price for my home in the least amount of time? Where do I even start? Actually, the answer to that last question starts with the first: Your real estate agent. A real estate agent will be your go-to professional to make sure all of your questions are answered and that selling your home will be as smooth of a process as possible.

Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

Education and Experience

Real estate agents have the training, experience and knowledge to know your home sale inside and out. They are licensed and follow a strict code of ethics to ensure you get your home sold at the best price and in the best amount of time.

Time and Energy

The stress of scheduling and conducting home tours, finding potential buyers and managing hundreds of pages of documents will be lifted from your shoulders. Your experts at Chase Team Realty are trained to know each document and contract inside and out, get exposure for your home and manage the behind-the-scenes work.

Market Knowledge

The housing market is in constant change, which means strategies for handling a home sale need to be tailored for the market. A real estate agent knows what kind of housing market you are in and what that means for selling your home.


There are a lot of details and training that goes into home sale negotiations. A real estate agent is an unbiased third party that can negotiate for the best deal in your favor.

The Big Plan

Gathering all of these skills and more to the table, our real estate agents at Chase Team Realty will create a custom marketing plan for selling your home. We will meet with you to understand your expectations and end-goals, and then we go to work behind the scenes to make it happen! This will give you the peace of mind knowing you received the best care in your home sale and closed with top results.

Where Do You Start?

As we said earlier, you start with the real estate agent of course! We would love to hear from you and discuss selling your home. We take each client and provide the highest quality of care in each home transaction. So relax, we’ll take care of you too.